Administration pls contact me

By: Neil  21-Nov-2019
How do I remove myself from swarm patrol

Plz call me ASAP I have bee hives in front of my house in a ficus tree plz call me on 0459102646

By:Amandeep malhotra   On:2020-11-24

Hello, would someone please phone me on M 0400538610. I recently reported a hive in Portsea that I would like removed. I haven’t heard from anyone yet. Thanks Sharon Conlan

By:Sharon Conlan  On:2020-11-07

I am a registered beekeeper in Rowville Victoria, if you would like a swarm removed please contact me 0n 0409137497 Thank you Pierre

By:Herve (Pierre) Moreau  On:2020-10-28

Could please contact me on 0419 899 894 We have a bee hive in our School Doveton College

By:Rob Hill  On:2020-10-25

Hi I have a hive/swam in my roof area that needs to be relocated. I’m located in Victoria Park Western Australia 0479 055 553

By:Neil Bowd   On:2020-10-21

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