Honey Bee Swarming

By: Andrew  03-Dec-2013

Honey Bee swarms are quite a natural phenomenon and it is the bees means of multiplying colonies. This can be a genetic trait of some queens which will have a tendency to swarm, or it can be due to overcrowding in the bee hive. The old queen prepares to swarm leaving several queen cells in the hive so that a new queen can hatch. As the swarm leaves the hive with the old queen, it initially sets itself in close proximity to the original hive on a bush, branch or some other object. The swarm will stay in this location and scout bees will be sent out to find a more permanent location such as a wall cavity, roof space, tree hollow etc. It is best to collect the swarm as soon as possible after it leaves the hive. The bees are usually quite docile as they are full of honey to use up building their new home. When you see a swarm, it is best to register it on the SwarmPatrol web site ASAP so that a beekeeper can come and collect it and relocate it quickly in a proper hive. 


I am looking for a swarm to buy as I have a new hive to get started up at my home. thanks guys!

By:jane  On:2017-08-18

Right on!

By:Eric Sanchez  On:2017-07-03

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