Nates free bee swarm and unwanted hive removal's

By: Nathan  05-Oct-2018
Removal of large and small swarms, unwanted hives and established hives in walls as no cost unless further than 50km.

We have a fairly large swarm that are building in a shrub in the front yard in Ringwood Vic. About basketball sized currently. It appeared today. Contact Ian 0418383052

By:Ian Farr  On:2020-11-19

We have a recent swarm , wasn’t there last Wednesday, in our meter box. Easily accessible. We are in Strathmore Heights. 0438 363 949

By:Lynne Anderson  On:2020-11-14

Hi, we have a swarm of bees in a bush in our garden in Thornbury. 0413597537

By:Sherrin  On:2020-11-08

Small swarm of bees in hillside, 0451011097

By:Dennis  On:2020-10-31

We have a swarm of bees on our property that has set up a hive and then moved to another place and now moved to the outside of the house on the roof and some are getting inside the house. It is a large swarm. We are situated in country Western Victoria. Are you able to help remove them?

By:Debra Morris  On:2020-10-04

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